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Be Ready For The Hot Weather This Summer

Be Ready For The Hot Weather This Summer

     Now that summer is finally here, we can shrug off the cold of winter and the rainy, wet days of spring and enjoy that summer sunshine we have been waiting so long for. The thoughts of days spent poolside or at the beach, festivals and outdoor concerts and dining alfresco with friends fills our heads as we all forget about one important drawback of summer. What could possibly be bad about summer, you ask? The heat. The summer season sees some of the hottest days of the year with temperatures reaching well above our comfort zone and unbearable humidity. This can mean heat exhaustion, heat stroke and painful, itchy heat rash.

     How can we prepare ourselves for this part of summer while enjoying everything else our favourite season has to offer? Let’s take a look:

5 Ways To Prepare For The Summer Heat

Prepare An Extreme Hot Weather Emergency Kit- keep a hot weather kit in your car, your home, in your beach bag and any other easily accessible place. Your extreme hot weather emergency kit should include a first aid kit, sunscreen, medications you might need and Snake Brand Classic Prickly Heat Cooling Powder.

Keep Abreast Of The Weather Forecast- the summer weather can change in an instant and a warm sunny day can become hot and humid. This can cause heat rash, especially in infants and the elderly. Be prepared for an upcoming heat wave and have plenty of Snake Brand Classic Prickly Heat Cooling Powder on hand to help prevent painful heat rash.

Ensure Your Air Con System Is Ready- a properly maintained air con system in your home and car can provide fast relief from extreme heat and humidity. Ensure that you have your air con system maintained before summer.

Stay Hydrated- dehydration is the number one cause of heat related health complications during the summer season. You should ensure that you are drinking plenty of water, especially on extremely hot days. This, along with using Snake Brand Classic Prickly Heat Cooling Powder, will help reduce your risk of heat exhaustion, heat stroke and heat rash.

Wear Appropriate Clothing- light coloured clothing that wicks away sweat will help keep you cool and dry. When moisture sets in, your risk of getting heat rash increases.

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