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Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powders are currently sold throughout Asia in a range of fabulous fragrances and conveniently sized containers.

Snake Brand is one of the word's premier products for the effective relief of prickly heat rash. It is a refreshing and absorbent body dusting powder with skin cooling properties, leaving you feeling dry and cool during warm conditions. Snake Brand is much loved by walkers, cyclists, runners, gym and sports club members, anyone who works in a hot workplace and of course, anyone who loves the sunshine but wants to stay dry and comfortable at the same time! 

So how does it work?

Essential oils camphor and menthol are key ingredients, with menthol providing the skin cooling properties. Snake Brand powder does not enter the body, but instead provides a fine protective coating above the skin, without blocking pores like creams or lotions do. The cool sensation sends a message to your body to slow down the production of sweat. Together with the super absorbent properties of fine talcum in Snake Brand powder, these ingredients combine to reduce sweat and friction, leaving you feeling drier, cooler and more comfortable within minutes.

Active people and sufferers of prickly heat rash are generally astonished by the effectiveness of Snake Brand Cooling Powder. The customer feedback we receive from first-time users often include terms like 'amazing' and 'life changing'. We even heard about one customer who cried with relief after using Snake Brand and enjoying her first holiday in 25 years free from prickly heat rash. Don't just take our word for it; search online and you will find similar fantastic Snake Brand testimonials over and over again.

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