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General FAQS:

Q. Is it safe to use on a child?
A: Not suitable for small children under 3 years of age.

Q. What does it smell like?
A. Snake Brand Original has a distinctive and loved mild menthol, minty smell.

Q. Is talcum powder safe?
A. Snake Brand cooling powder is safe to use for all ages over 3 years. Our product has been in use since 1947 and there have been no safety issues in all those years. Snake Brand powder has passed stringent UK & EU safety checks and is perfectly safe to use.

Q. Do I need a Doctor's prescription?
A. No.

Q. Is it safe to use while pregnant?
A. Yes. Take the normal precautions listed on the tin, avoid inhalation through nose or mouth, avoid area around the eyes.

Q. Do you have other variants, lavender, etc?
A. Only the Classic (menthol) fragrance is available at this time.


How to use:

Q. Do you rub the powder in?

A. Use it in the same way you would apply talcum powder, shake some onto your hand and apply to the part of body you wish to cool down or prevent chafing. Smooth it over the skin, no need to rub too hard.

Q. How would you use this powder in conjunction with SPF sun cream?
A. Not suitable for use with other creams or lotions, which will block the sweat ducts and worsen the effects of heat rash. Use Snake Brand powder after taking a shower to ease itching and heat rash. If you are going swimming or sunbathing use the SPF cream and then when you shower later use the powder.

Q. Would this help relieve the itching from insect bites?
A. Yes, it will cool the area around the bite. It contains camphor and menthol, which create the cooling effect.

Q. Could you use this on your feet when wearing shoes in summer without socks?
A. Absolutely you can, it has the same consistency as talcum powder.


Q. Can I use the powder on face as make up setting powder?
A. No, it is not intended to be used as a make up setting powder, or as a base for any other cosmetics, sun cream, etc. It should not be used in conjunction with other products. It's primary function is to prevent sweat ducts from becoming blocked, so adding further layers of creams, lotions, powders would prevent it from working. Use on the body and face (avoid eyes, nose and mouth), as a standalone product to prevent or treat heat rash.



Q. Can you deliver to Europe?
A. Unfortunately, we no longer offer a shipping service outside the United Kingdom.

Q. If I order online, do I need to wait for it come all the way from Thailand?
A. No, we ship from the UK with express delivery options available. Our stock is warehoused in the UK.


Q. I go on holiday in 5 days, can I get a tin of Snake Brand before I leave?
A. Yes, we have express shipping available. If you need same day, you can purchase from Savers pharmacies nationwide.