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Follow these tips to help protect yourself from heat rash:

Avoid overdressing. In summer, wear soft, lightweight, cotton clothing. Avoid tight-fitting clothes that can irritate skin. Wear a sweat-wicking hat. This will draw moisture and sweat away from the body.

When it's hot, stay in the shade or in an air-conditioned building, or use a fan to circulate the air.

Take a cold shower. Showering in cool or cold water will remove sweat while cooling the skin. If you cannot avoid spending time outdoors in hot weather, make sure you take regular breaks from the sun by going indoors to cool off. This tip may appear at odds with your idea of the perfect beach holiday, but if you're susceptible to heat rash, it can save you from pain and discomfort. Go to any tropical country and you'll notice that the locals spend most of their time in the shade, even when using the beach.

Keep your sleeping area cool and well-ventilated. Get a breathable pillow case if you experience heat rash on the face.

How do I treat heat rash?

The good news is that mild heat rash will typically clear on its own once you have taken steps to cool down, either by retreating to an air-conditioned room, taking a cold shower, or applying a cooling powder or spray. However, painful prickly heat can be very uncomfortable and you may wish to apply more immediate methods of relief.

Remove tight-fitting clothing. Allow air to circulate around the affected area.

Apply a cold compress. If you feel your skin overheating, apply an ice pack or a cold compress to the area.

Avoid using oil based products or creams, which will block sweat ducts and exacerbate the onset of symptoms. Instead, apply a cooling body powder, which will keep skin pores open and absorb excess sweat.

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