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Hello… Heatwave?

Hello… Heatwave?

It’s official the heatwave has finally hit the UK. The Met Office have predicted highs of 34 degrees to hit us over the coming weeks as the ‘Saharan Bubble Heatwave’ will continue to blast the UK with rays. Across Europe, temperatures are also going to be sky high! So, if you love the sun or you’re going on holiday this July, you’re in for a treat. It’s so important to ensure that with the current weather forecast we are staying protected. Being in the UK with the weather above 30 degrees usually means that we aren’t realising when the sun can actually be damaging. Just because we aren’t sat relaxing on a sun lounger sipping a cocktail, doesn’t reduce our risk of sun damage.


So, what are the risks?

With highs of up to 34 degrees fast approaching, we are at an increased risk of heat stroke and exhaustion. Carrying on with our daily errands and going to work, we may not realise that we aren’t staying as hydrated as we need to be and simply put, our bodies just aren’t used to going about our usual lifestyle in that level of heat! For many, heat exhaustion is caused by unexpected heat exposure and lack of fluid intake. It’s so important to ensure that we are staying adequately hydrated in this heat.

For many, a heatwave is also going to mean getting a heat rash or prickly heat. If you start to see a rash appear on the face, neck, chest or thigh area and you’ve exposed these areas to the sun, then this is without a doubt prickly heat. This is usually caused by exposure to the sun and the sweat glands becoming blocked. It’s important to keep an eye on our young children as their skin is much more sensitive and they are at an increased risk. For those of you with existing skin conditions or sensitive skin, it’s also important to be wary of the increased risks.

So, how can I stay protected?

Heat rashes and prickly heat can be very uncomfortable and can actually ruin your day. If you’re trying to work or even if you’re on holiday trying to enjoy yourself, this can ruin anyone’s day. To avoid this, you should avoid excessive heat and sun exposure by taking breaks out of the sun regularly. You should of course… stay hydrated drinking twice the amount of water you usually would! Taking cool showers to soothe and cool the skin is also a great way of keeping your skin at a regular temperature. If you do find yourself with prickly heat, try our prickly heat cooling powder! This has been specially formulated to rapidly cool your prickly heat. This is always a great essential to take on holiday with you so that if you do find yourself feeling down in the dumps and exhausted with a heat rash, you will always have rapid relief on hand!

Stay protected & enjoy your summer!

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