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How To Avoid Skincare Disasters During The Spring

     The sun shines brightly during spring and many people begin enjoying their outdoor activities again. However, some activities might not seem as pleasant once you have spent a lot of time under the sun. Although the weather is still relatively cool during spring, the risk of sun-damaged skin is still high. The brighter sun and warmer weather brings with it a wide range of issues that you need to be aware of.

Ways to Avoid Common Skincare Disasters During The Spring:

Sunburnt Skin- it’s easy for us to get overeager after the end of winter. Soaking up some sunshine and vitamin D is a good thing, but sunburn could become an issue. If you are experiencing sun burn or heat rash due to excessive heat exposure, you should apply Snake Brand Classic Prickly Heat Cooling Powder to any affected areas. Do it two or three times each day, depending on the severity of the condition.

Dermatitis- plants bloom again during the spring and they could represent a severe threat to your skin. Poison ivy, poison oak and other plant-based irritants could cause rash and itchy skin. Depending on the level of skin sensitivity, dermatitis can appear within minutes or an hour. On more severe cases, dermatitis may last for weeks before it heals completely. When you are going to risky areas with possible presence of poison ivy, apply an anti-itch cream that contains hydrocortisone. If you do experience any reactions to the local plant life, apply Snake Brand Classic Prickly Heat Cooling Powder to help relieve the itch.

Insect Bites- insects will return during spring. Many people are allergic to insect bites, including mosquitoes. Most of the time, insect bites are mild and harmless. But stings of bees, wasps and hornets could cause allergic reactions and fever. If you are affected by insect bites, apply hydrocortisone cream or Snake Brand Classic Prickly Heat Cooling Powder to relieve the itching.

Heat Rash- heat rash is a very common condition that occurs more frequently in the hot sun. Red, itchy bumps will appear on your skin that can become quite severe and incredibly uncomfortable. The best way to relieve heat rash and the uncomfortable side effects of it is to use Snake Brand Classic Prickly Heat Cooling Powder.

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