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Snake Brand Powder Keeps the Cricketers Cool!

We had a fantastic few days at the 2018 Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes Tournament, joining in the fun, helping to raise funds for junior cricket in Thailand and spreading the word about the benefits of using Snake Brand Cooling Powder in warm conditions.

These cricket players come from all over the world to visit Thailand especially for the competition and some have been coming for years, so it was no great surprise to learn that a few have used Snake Brand before and swear by it's effectiveness. After all, Thailand is the home of Snake Brand powder!

For those who didn't know, it was a great chance to show just how good our powder is for staying cool, dry and fresh, even in the most challenging of conditions. Even better, our guests were glad to hear that Snake Brand Cooling Powder will soon be available across the UK and Europe. Keep checking our blogs for regular updates!



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