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NK Imports Visit to The British Dispensary Production Plant

A visit was organised for NK Imports Managing Director Nick Kirby at the British Dispensary production plant in Bangkok, Thailand.

The visit focused on quality control of Snake Brand prickly heat powders and took in all aspects of the production process, from ingredients mixing to packaging.

Afterwards, a short presentation was given to highlight the specific goals and ethical trading which has been a cornerstone of The British Dispensary's success for over a century.

Nick Kirby said of the visit "I was extremely impressed with the high standards applied to the manufacturing of Snake Brand powders. Each section of the production plant is a sealed unit, which prevents against any contamination of ingredients. The employees are suitably dressed in contamination proof protective clothing and were well trained in handling sensitive materials. It was everything I would expect from a leading cosmetics and pharmaceutical manufacturer. This visit has reaffirmed my belief that NK Imports has made a fantastic decision in forming our partnership with The British Dispensary and Snake Brand Cooling Powders."


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