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Going On A Winter Holiday? Don’t Forget To Bring Along Snake Brand


   The snow and cold are finally upon us and as winter begins to set it, many families are considering taking a winter holiday and heading for destinations where the weather is warm and the skies are filled with sunshine. If you are considering a winter holiday on a sandy beach somewhere, don’t forget to bring along Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder and make your holiday experience more comfortable and a lot more fun.

     Travelling to warmer climates can mean experiencing increased heat and humidity. This can lead to excessive sweating, chafing, irritation and heat rash that can make your winter holiday experience a miserable one. Snake Brand’s Prickly Heat Powder was designed to help soothe and heal heat rash leaving your skin soft, dry and itch free.

Ways To Prevent Heat Rash While On Winter Holiday

     Winter holiday heat rash can be painful, irritating and leave you feeling miserable while everyone else is having fun. Don’t be left out of the fun, use the following tips to stay cool, comfortable and dry no matter how warm it is outside.

Drink Plenty Of Water- staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water is very important any time of year, especially when you are on holiday and in a much warmer climate than your own. Staying hydrated will help keep you healthy an protect your skin as well as preventing chafing, irritation and heat rash.

Wear Loose-Fitting Clothes- lightweight clothing that is also loose fitting can help your body stay cool and dry even in the hot sun. Clothing that is tight or that is made of synthetic fibres won’t breathe as well and could leave you with itching, chafing and heat rash.

Avoid Situations That Can Lead To Excessive Sweating- when the weather is very hot outside, avoid hiking, jogging, bicycling or anything that could lead to excessive sweating. Go for a swim or stay inside instead.

Dry Your Skin Thoroughly- whether you just got out of the pool, or after a shower or bath, always dry your skin thoroughly before getting dressed. Avoiding excess moisture is one of the best ways to avoid chafing, irritation and heat rash.

Use Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder- the best way to prevent heat rash while on winter holiday, or any time of year, is to use Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder. Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder was designed specifically to help prevent skin irritations, while keeping your skin cool, dry and irritation free.

Visit Snake Brand Today

     To learn more about Snake Brand Classic Prickly Heat Cooling Powder or to purchase some for your next winter holiday, visit Snake Brand Powder online and shop their entire selection of high quality, effective cooling powders.

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