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Enjoy The Outdoors Again with Snake Brand

     Did you used to be an avid hiker, enjoying the great outdoors and exploring those “hard to get to” places that were only accessible on foot? What happened? Nature is still out there and it is calling you. Those hollows you used to explore, the cliffs you would inch ever closer to just to get that bird’s eye view of the world below, they are still there and, deep down inside, you miss them.

     And how about you, weekend cyclist? Donning your cycling garb and heading out to the most rural of areas on your own personal Tour de France? What made you stop? Cycling is not only great for your health and it lets you travel the world around you on two wheels, but it is also a great way to relieve the stress of a busy work week. Your bicycle is collecting dust, but I am sure that after a quick washing and a tune-up, it will be road-ready once again.

Good News For Anyone Who Loves The Great Outdoors

     For anyone who used to enjoy outdoor activities but might have stopped because of the irritating skin chafing that can come along with them, we have some good news for you. News that will have you back outside and enjoying your favourite hobby once again. Keep reading to learn more:

     Snake Brand, the world’s leading brand of anti-itch, cooling powder was designed with the needs of outdoor lovers in mind. From hiking and cycling, to running, marathoners and anyone who enjoys a good outdoor activity but hates the annoying itching and chafing that can come along with it, Snake Brand’s Prickly Heat Powder was made for you.

The Highest Rated Anti-Itch Powder Available

     Snake Brand’s Prickly Heat Powder is rated better than any other brands of talcum powder product on the market because it can prevent chafing over long periods and keep your skin smooth, dry and itch-free. If you love the great outdoors but had to stop enjoying your favourite activity because of the uncomfortable feeling chafing can leave behind, maybe its time you picked up a tin of Snake Brand’s Prickly Heat Powder and gave it a try for yourself.

It will leave you feeling good all day long and give you the motivation to hike your favourite spot, cycle down that back country road again or do whatever it was that you miss doing outside.


     Snake Brand’s Prickly Heat Powder can be found at many local retailers, online at the manufacturer’s website or on the Amazon marketplace. Don’t monkey around with other anti-itch powders, get the one powder that actually works and that will give you that cool, refreshing feeling you want on the hottest of days!

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