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Some of Snake Brand's most avid fans are people with active lifestyles; hill walkers, hikers, runners, cyclists, gym members and many more.

So why do they keep coming back for Snake Brand Cooling Powder?

The secret is in the combination of absorbency and skin cooling properties. These effects send a signal to the brain to slow the production of sweat and help to reduce friction.

Let's say it in a simpler form; it helps to stop you getting sore!

Just ask any cyclist. No matter how fit and strong you are, being comfortable in the saddle makes a world of difference.

If you have a full day of activity planned, you know that areas of wet skin rubbing together will become tender. A liberal coating of Snake Brand Cooling Powder at the start of your activity can offer a layer of protection and help to prevent discomfort.

No wonder our fans are calling it the 'magic powder'.

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