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Snake Brand Cooling Powder is manufactured in Thailand by The British Dispensary Co., Ltd, one of the oldest family-owned healthcare businesses in Asia. The company began trading in 1892 as a modern style drug store with full time pharmacist. Over the years, the business expanded to develop it's own range of cosmetic and medicinal products, leading to production of their world famous prickly heat cooling powders, shower gels, soaps and skincare products.

The iconic prickly heat powder "classic" fragrance came onto the market in 1947 and the packaging has changed little since. The product and the famous square shaped tin used for packaging has become instantly recognisable across Asia.

Today, the British Dispensary Group exports to 16 countries and is one of Asia's leading business enterprises with plans underway for further global expansion.

The company has always traded under the snake and arrow trademark. The image of the snake represents "sickness" and the arrow is the "cure". For generations, this iconic logo has provided a reassuring sign of quality.

Snake Brand is one of the word's premier products for the effective relief of prickly heat rash. It is a refreshing and absorbent body dusting powder with skin cooling properties, leaving you feeling dry and cool during warm conditions.

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