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Itchy skin issues? It's the weather!

Itchy skin issues? It's the weather!

Seasonal weather changes can be rough on your skin. With fluctuating temperatures and fast changing dry or wet weather systems, it's a time to pay particular attention to your skincare routine.

Low humidity or dry conditions can lead to cracked skin and inflammation, while certain types of eczema may be triggered by pollen.

Cold weather can cause chapped lips and dry skin due to decreased moisture. Warmer weather can make skin greasy with increased oil production and may exacerbate acne.

Hot and humid weather can increase sweat production, leading to skin friction (chafing, rubbing) and poor hygiene, especially in warm areas of the body like armpits, chest, groin and feet. It may also block sweat ducts, resulting in heat rash, characterised by very itchy and painful skin.

For a soothing relief from rashes and itchy skin, we recommend Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Body Powders and Snake Brand Cooling Shower Gels, which can rapidly calm painful skin without blocking sweat ducts. 

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