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Snake brand cooling powder next to a beard shaving brush, a razor and cream

How to Shave Your Balls Like a Pro

Why Shave and How to Shave Safely? We Answer Your Questions!

   Have you heard of #manscaping? The term refers to the act of tidying up or removing male pubic hair. 

   Prior to 2020 there were hardly any articles on the subject; now every self-respecting men's magazine has extensive guides on how to get those plums clean and bald, or at least neatly trimmed. It's fair to say, the search for a smooth set has become a national pastime. We've decided to give you all the information you need in one handy guide. Read on!

So let's tackle the first question head on...

 "Should I Shave my Pubes?" Often it's a case of aesthetics; more men and their partners are finding they prefer the look and feel of a silky smooth sack with a trimmed pubic bush above the penis. It's neat, tidy and let's face it, trimming pubes around the penis makes it look bigger and who doesn't want that added bonus?

   There's also the question of erm, stinkiness. Pubes secrete natural pheromones and the odour is not always pleasant with an overgrown bush. It's an essential bodily function, so it's not recommended to shave the area above the penis completely bald (although some do and love it), but trimming is fine and should cut down on bacteria build-up, sweat and that funky smell.

   As for the balls, well there's no real reason to shave besides it looks and feels good. It's purely down to personal choice, so if you're ready to take the plunge, here's the best (and safest) method, provided in an easy step-by-step guide.

   Firstly, get tooled up! You need the right equipment if you want to do the job properly. Don't use the same shaver or razor that you use on your face. You really don't want to shave your genitals and then shave the area around your mouth, that's not smart for all kinds of sanitary reasons. So wise up and get separate shaving equipment for 'upstairs' and 'downstairs'.

   Look for a body trimmer rather than a beard trimmer. Modern trimmers have been designed for precision and will usually feature a protective guard, longer charge time and waterproofing to enable use in the shower. There are many top brands available in stores and online, here are a few examples: Philips, Manscaped, Remington, BALLS, Liberex.

   An electric trimmer will remove most of your pubes, but if you want a smooth finish then you will also need a safety razor and shaving foam, gel or oil with gentle ingredients (ball sack skin is sensitive!) If you've never used a safety razor before, practice on your face first; get used to the weight of the handle and the angle of shaving without cutting skin.

Now you're equipped, it's time to prep those bad boys!

   1. Trim the bulk. Even if you want to shave, it's still a good idea to trim first. Stand with one leg propped up on the edge of he bathtub, or on a small stool. The area above the penis should be easy to trim with an electric trimmer or scissors (steady hand required!) To trim the balls, use one hand to pull the skin taut and trim carefully with the other hand. Trim as close as you can without actually touching the skin.

   2. Take a warm shower or soak your balls in warm water. You need to soften the skin and keep your balls loose; this will make shaving a lot easier.

   3. Now apply shaving foam or gel liberally. Some guys prefer shaving oil so that they can easily see what they're doing, but oil can also make things a bit slippery, so be careful!

   4. Ok, ready for the shave. Now take a deep breath and be patient. It's easier than you think, providing you take your time and keep a steady hand. You are dealing with thin skin which is soft, saggy and loose, so don't rush.

   5. Pull the scrotum skin taut and spread it out to make a smooth surface. Doing this should prevent folds and ridges in the skin from blocking your razor path. Don't press too hard. Apply gentle pressure and shave with slow strokes following the direction the hair grows.

   6. Every now and then, rinse off so you have a good inspection of your work. If you've missed a bit, foam up again and continue. When you're sure you've completed the job, rinse off in the shower and here's a little tip - rinsing in cold water will help to close pores and reduce the chance of in-growing hairs.

   7. Now for the 'pièce de résistance'. After drying your tackle with a towel, it's time to freshen up like never before (a little disclosure here, we're promoting our own product and well why not, hundreds of 5-star amazon reviews can't be wrong). If you think your newly shaved twig and berries feel fresh, you ain't felt nothing yet! Grab a can of Snake Brand Prickly Heat cooling talc and apply the powder liberally to your baldie beauties.


That's right, hold the tin and shake the snake. Wait for a few seconds and then experience the freshest tingle your nuts have ever known. If you've never used Snake Brand before, we guarantee the intensity will leave you speechless. Quite literally, for a few seconds, you'll be wondering what the hell just happened. And that's the freshest, coolest, most satisfyingly alive your lower regions can possibly be. Read our reviews, you'll get the picture!

   Here's a tip. Remember the last Summer heatwave? No air conditioning? No problem! Just shave, shower and dry off as described in the guide above, apply some Snake Brand powder and then sit naked in front of a portable fan. Spread your legs, let it all hang out and let the cool air flow and our cooling talc work their magic. If you leave your skin slightly damp by just patting yourself dry with a towel, the cooling sensation will be even stronger. You can thank us later.

   Once you've tried Snake Brand there's no going back. Using Snake Brand on your balls even has it's own hashtag; our fans call it boarding the #TingleTrain. All aboard!

   So there you have it, the definitive guide to safely trim, shave and freshen up your downstairs department in style. You can walk the streets with a smug smile, a spring in your step and a knowing look that says "I'm ready for anything, I'm riding the tingle train!"   


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